After-sales Department

After-sales Department

This leading name in distribution has built its reputation on the “guaranty of trust”.

What does that mean?

  • Guaranty of a quality product.
  • Guaranteed efficiency of a reliable after-sales department.

Buyers have the peace of mind that, FARAL guarantees each of them individually.

Everything is based on guaranteeing due care.

FARAL offers:

  • Skill: as the result of experience and training
  • Responsiveness: as the result of immediate involvement and appraisal thanks to direct communication between the FARAL technical team and the garage where the vehicle is being repaired.
  • Speed: FARAL guarantees its products and its decision does not depend on anyone else, ensuing a rapid decision.
  • Efficiency: decision = action. Decisions are confirmed by fax to the garage, which knows what to do and how to do it. Direct, responsible and comprehensive fault resolution, involving only these two parties – the FARAL supplier and the garage carrying out the repair. Can you top that?