Water leaks in the cylinder head are the leading cause of breakdowns. That is why FARAL has developed an original method for renovating the cooling system. The cycle of internal deterioration is stopped by inserting a watertight sleeve. Water-tightness is then reinforced through the impregnation of resin by polymerisation, a cutting-edge technology, offering the ultimate symbol of FARAL quality.This process is applied to our cylinder heads. Protected by an international patent, it ensures that you can offer your resellers an exclusive product of the very highest quality.

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Cylinder head procedure

Stage 1

culasse-endoscopie-01The water bath test is used to detect problems with water-tightness.Technology used: EndoscopyUsing a micro-camera, the water circuit is inspected between the valve seats to identify any pitting on the internal walls.This is a weakness – it can only get worse over time and result in a leak. 

Stage 2

culasse-defoncage-01CuttingA cutter cuts through the metal to remove the corroded section.EXCLUSIVE TO FARAL: We refill these machined parts with an aluminium alloy (FARAL manufacturing secret).

Stage 3

culasse-surfacageInitial surfacing after welding. The strips are roughed out.Machining of the seat housings (the ring the valve rests on).

Stage 4

culasse-etancheite-01Leak testTo inspect the weld quality, the water circuit is tested again under pressure.Fitting of valve seats.EXCLUSIVE TO FARAL (PATENTED): Insertion of watertight sleeves into the water circuit.EXCLUSIVE TO FARAL: Improved water-tightnessImpregnation of resin by polymerisation. This cutting-edge technology further reinforces the quality of the material water-tightness.  

Stage 5

Manual preparation of the cylinder head, inspection of threaded holes.Second surfacing of the cylinder head.Machining of seats.Valve leak testing.Valve testing.Fitting of valve springs

Stage 6

Fitting of the camshaft and adjustment of the valves (electronic checks).

Opération sur le moteur

Stage 1

MachiningMagnaflux inspection of the crankshaft, rectification of crankshafts, machining of blocks.Fitting of jacket to make up to the original diameter.Cold water finish, motor assembly.

Stage 2

Compliance with specifications, through inspection of the bush housing, the piston movement, the surface condition, the configuration of an injection pump with comparator.

Stage 3

moteur_validation_01Quality checkTesting on test bench and finishing before storage. The engine runs for one hour.At the end, the operator signs off the engine.